The Gift that Keeps on Giving... 

It’s happening…well, here in the US anyway…the time of year when good cheer and possibility ring out from every nook and cranny.  Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be anyway.    

On the other hand, stress and loneliness rear their heads too.    

Certainly, there are folks who are in need of compassion, those who have no family or stability. While we can work boots on the ground for them, and through our intentions, we can also choose to live our best life.  

Why is living our best life important to anyone but ourselves?  

When one of us chooses to live from cheer and possibility, even when our own stress and loneliness surfaces, the collective energy is lifted.   Each person who anchors in joy acts as a transmitter of high frequency energy.    

Visualize ripples in water after a stone drops into it.  Now you’ve got the picture of how high frequency energy radiates outward.  

Energy from one “transmitter” person overlaps another’s high vibe waves, and suddenly a network of powerful energy affects everything around it.  

While invisible to the eye, these energy fields operate in our physical world shifting us toward empowering emotions.    

What emotions carry the highest frequency?  Joy, and peace actually vibrate above love.    

So, when you keep yourself at emotional levels of love, joy, and peace, you are causing more love, peace. and joy to radiate throughout our globe.    

Even those who are down in the dumps aren’t immune from the love/joy/peace energetic network.  In effect, they don’t have to do anything to receive the network’s benefits.  How great is that?  

What happens when transmitters are faced with lower level emotions?    

Some scientists say they last a mere 90 seconds.  After that, it’s merely habit stoking low level emotion.    

In addition, one beautiful perspective states that in emotionally aware folks, low level emotions come up to be released.  They are set free, transmuting out of the body, joining up with high level energy fields already set up to catch them.    

Here’s the message in a nutshell: NEVER underestimate the power of your own self growth.  Serving yourself, you serve everyone else.  Doing this for yourself IS the gift that keeps on giving.


MIRTH /mərTH/.  noun. definition: amusement, especially as expressed in laughter.  

Life can appear to be a paradox.  Humans have experiences that affect them deeply while knowing they’re more than a physical form. What if we master the paradox?  What if we look from a “both and” perspective?    

Something like, “I’m all in on this life thing.  I let myself immerse in the embodiment of every experience, and I see life as a grand play.  Part of me remains an observer who knows nothing is really that serious.”  

The "observer" can remain in mirth.  

Every great spiritual teaching I’m aware of speaks to this concept.  We are at choice when it comes to what anything means, which can get a little freaky especially when most of us have been trained in the opposite belief.   Imagine immersing, then pulling back to a cosmos high view of "what just happened".  In the ”both and”, we can respect an event, then wrap it in a perspective big as the universe. Maybe even universes.    

This is mastery.  Compassion then expansion. Grief then triumph.  Our observer self returns to a baseline of endearing mirth. Always.  Imagine how differently a horrible diagnosis would be processed, or a failed relationship.    

Movies, and series drama shows are based in the hard knocks story, tragedy, and how devious people can be.  Books too.  Due to corporatization and legal concerns, big medicine and business have a CYA (cover your…..) mentality.  Conclusions represented as truth are oft more a consequence of CYA than any scientific knowledge.  Life starts to look pretty tough unless the observer self is alert and present with a dose of mirth.  

Byron Katie’s famous 4 questions are a fabulous way of removing detritus (another great word!):  

Is it true?  
Can you absolutely know that it’s true?  
How do you react when you believe that thought?  
Who would you be without the thought?  

Asking these simple questions peels away inauthenticity.  Our authentic self, lit with mirth, can then direct the trajectory of what we choose to create, within and outside ourselves.    

Physics itself speaks to matter never being gained or lost, as well as to concepts that our mere observations change physical reality.       

My own observer self spoke through intuition when I pondered life as a paradox before writing this blog.  Intuition said, “Go for Big Hearted Bad A__ (not sure why that three letter word had appeared twice today) Success. Live Large.  Laugh at odd twists and turns.  They don’t present to harm.  They present for intrigue, and clarifying how our earthly journey really works.”  

So, today, re-member you are a masterpiece who’s all in and takes action from the observer’s mirth filled mastery.  YOU are a treasure, you BHBA! 



LIFEGASM. definition: a felt sense of being overcome with pleasure from head to toe, experiencing the beauty of life and earth through our physical form.  

Have you ever had a lifegasm?  You see, our earth is a playground of gorgeousness.  Think about it.  Plants, animals, sun, sea, sky, mountains, cosmos...man made triumphs. If we really take a moment, we are surrounded by beauty...constantly.   

As you take that moment, breathe deeply.   Sense what is speaking to you energetically, showing up just for you.  That's right..that plant, that critter is there as a reminder of how seen you are, how important you are.  

Rather than viewing a pest, a weed, or a nuisance, see creation sending you an ally that's somehow part of enhancing your journey.  If yo don't know why it showed up-ask, "how are you attempting to help me".   

If there's no answer, take a minute and look up what that something represents as a totem.  Yes, this can initially seem a bit strange, yet the old adage has never been more true: everything speaks.  It speaks for our benefit, our evolution.  

Previous cultures relied on the natural world's wisdom.  At this point, current culture has created a plethora of supportive external technology.  

The good news?  We can choose from BOTH for our pleasure filled advancement.  That's right.  MORE choices, more pleasure..until it finally takes over any pain, limitation, or sense of separation. 

Lay down on the ground, your bed, or floor.  Feel yourself being held.  Go back to that breath.  

Detect creation's force flowing through you. Let your body speak it's pleasure in the form of you feeling said pleasure...from your toes, up through your abdomen, heart, neck, face, to the top of your head.  

What would it be like to practice this every day until there's so much pleasure coming through you, you can't hardly hold back voicing it.  

Yep, if you're at a park/a public place, it may be a little embarrassing-but what could be better than other people wondering what could be so good...and commenting inside themselves "I'll have some of that!". 

Lifegasms.  Get some. 



Love Taps from the Universe...Slow Your Roll.... 

Commentaries in my circle of friends this week have focused around intensity.  Intensity of energies for those who perceive them, intensity of decisions, and intensity of situations.  Fender benders, speeding tickets, and arguments were among the "sitches" mentioned.  

I was shown through intuition the fast pace of our earthly evolution as a collective.  Whether we know it or not, many of us are running to keep pace with this evolution rather than rest on our earth's own momentum.  We are being called to truly relax and let her do the work.  She has chosen for us humans to be here, and we have chosen her....let her fulfill her calling; that of providing for us as a microcosm of creation's macrocosm while we, through our gratitude and enjoyment of this life, honor her. 

Those little accidents?  They are love taps from the universe, and our mother earth saying, "slow your roll, get present.  Appreciate this now moment.  Let these little "happy accidents" remind you to slow your roll." 

Take a few deep breathes and gauge whether you are present, or spaced out in ruminating thoughts.  Take a look around, and find something beautiful to anchor you (as Dr. Joe Dispenza says) in this generous present moment.  It could be a simple leaf, or the glint of light on a cup.  Simple, yet extraordinary. There now, that's the ticket.  

When we presence, the beauty of our existence, its genius supports us.  There's plenty of time when our moments are given their due, their fullness.  In this way, we expand time rather than compress it with worry.  

It's time to experience La Dolce Vita,the sweet life, as we evolve....



22-10-22     Today.  Today is the day to open our hearts and realize the beauty of the time we signed up for.  

Old systems are crumbling with the new bursting from within them.  But how do we let go of everything familiar enough to let them burst? 

Peeling back layers until we free our divine hearts is the task at hand after years, maybe decades of attempting to keep old ways working.  You know: rah rah goals, get the most "bang for your buck”, no carbs, sit at home and watch TV…whatever your familiar normal, my guess is it’s no longer working…and hasn’t for a while. 

Whatever our conscious intention, our souls are here on a mission to evolve.  While we can get stuck in mind/body patterning, our souls are pulling us into realms we cannot understand.  Your soul already knows we are here for adventure, testing out all sorts of experiences the logical mind might deem a “disaster”...  Yet, we are multidimensional beings.  

We are testing our “wings” on consciously living in multiple realms at once.  Yep, it can get weird when we have rigging in our ears, headaches, or a stifling sense that nothing works anymore…that’s why we’re here together and coming into an age of interdependence.  For each of us to spread our wings and fly, we must rely on each other’s gifts to re-member segments of our lost genius level skills.  

Our internal technology is what will save us, not what we create from the outside in.  If you feel like you’ve forgotten, you are not alone.  Waking ourselves is another reason we are here in this grand earth experiment, the planet’s magical beauty once again in view as well as our own.  

Embrace your weird!  Embrace every outlying intuition as a sign you are on the right track.  Most of all, lean on love.  Divine love, the love that creates all things.  

Let that love in.  Let it hold you until your body relaxes into knowing this is where you came from, a lifeline you’ve always been connected to no matter how intense the distraction.   

Let it fill you until your heart bursts from fullness, radiating its own message of evolution:  

Trusting love generated from our heart space is where all answers reside to create YOUR personal version of heaven on earth.