25 4 24  Appreciating That Which is Beloved/Gentle Time

One of my favorite things is to spend time with the people I love one on one.  Maybe we have a meal together or walk the dog or have a Zoom call when we’re apart.  Whatever the method, slowing down enough to really listen and appreciate a beloved is like mining gold.  

While being around those we love is always special, making a conscious effort to be present with them is a poignant reminder of how brilliant and wonderful they are.  Easy conversation reveals their beliefs and wisdom.  It never fails to impress me, and our heart connections open wide with flows of sweet loving energy.

It’s the same with nature, music, art, or any activity we particularly enjoy.  When we get really present, it speaks right to our heart as a reminder of how divinely beautiful this human experience is….

Go get connected with something or someone you love today!

11 1 24    Today is a day of miracles

 …miracles so unfamiliar we almost cannot take them in. 

What may seem hard or scary is simply a new so new you don't even recognize it.

If we think of stories of masters, their lives seem so different.  But, what if we are being called to a massive earth consciousness shift?  A shift we’ve been preparing for for eons…we just forgot that we signed up for this ride?

So many are disillusioned with religions forcing dogmatic practices that may or may not be integrous.  What if we are here for the time of each person taking on their guru nature?  What if that’s the most important thing: that we each get in touch with our inner wizard?  Scary as it seems, there are accounts of Jesus life in India where he literally learned the skills of miracle making, In the bible he’s quoted as saying you shall do greater things than I have done.  Accounts from his time in India reflect this commentary.  But, do we believe this?

We claim as a culture desires for peace and harmony, easier ways of life for all.  Prosperity for all.  But are we willing to accept this is inherently possible through each of us claiming abilities Jesus and other masters have lived?  

This is his invitation.  With joy and humor, with curiosity.  NOW is the time to  accept this invitation.  How?

Relax into knowing this master is a best friend.  A funny guy you can trust with any secret, any pain, any pleasure.  And, you do.  To your amazement, there’s no requirement for his love or attention.  There’s no reaction when you tell or show him your worst.  There’s no demeaning you or feedback that you’ve got a long way to go…in his eyes you are perfect.  

Now your body relaxes back into an innocent childlike state.  It’s pure and trauma free.  By definition, it’s also drama free.  Amazingly this bliss attracts to you without effort.  Your only job is receiving.  So opposite of societal training, you wonder if this is real…

Guess what?  This is the real reality.  We’ve just forgotten.  And few knew the fake game would be this hard to release.  

I know, you’re weary and battle scarred, but this same master said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”.    Does this mean you only accept support directly from spirit?  It could.  It could also mean that you get better at seeing Jesus in everyone around you, each willing to help with their own version of masterful skills.

Neville Goddard, a spiritual master in his own right, loved the phrase, “Isn’t it Wonderful”... He came from the perspective that all he desired was already accomplished.  For Neville, Imagination IS God which may sound strange, but think about it for a minute.  If each of us is part of the creator, then what would render a more full bodied evolution than each human incarnate living their fullest expression..whatever they can dream up.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  By statistical standards, at least from our recorded history, we are living in some of the most peaceful times ever. From that perspective, Love is winning.

What if we flipped our entire culture’s perspective?  What if we let Love guide us knowing now is just the time we’ve waited for?  Each of us re-membering our Christed abilities.  There’s no doubt you have experienced a miracle or two in this life.  Why not make it consistent?  

So where do we start?  Begin with the end singing through your heart and soul.  Give it the stamp of Neville’s genius by saying, “isn’t it wonderful?”  Then, name your perfect outcomes and the super powers you want to embody this lifetime.  Imagine your friends giving you the high five for your accomplishments.  When you’re tired or tested, rest on your buddy Jesus ‘cause he’s got the goods to support you through anything.  Heck, the guy put his soul in a n elephant for days on end.  Who does that?  Yep, this maybe a story you haven’t heard, but this is a new time……

Who cares about the newest disease or calamity being fulcrumed to scare us when we are remembering our super powers?    You got!  NO ONE. 

We’re helping each other now. One to one in collaboration and amazement.

Isn’t is wonderful?



31 12 23  Unique Brilliance

Over the last four months I have been immersed in an experiment looking at just what two people relating from love and seeing the “other” as perfect can accomplish.  We also chose aligning with the bible reference regarding what can happen when two or more are gathered in the name of spirit/God/universe.  

This has been a profound experience allowing for a completely up-leveled way of experiencing relationship.  Gone are the gossip sessions about who needs to be fixed, and low level conversions about what’s in the news or social media.  Yes, there are times we vent, but we redirect back to reflecting that  everyone is perfect and we hold that for them as well as holding that whatever seems to be in the way of them living their perfect life is released/healed.  

One of the most remarkable outcomes is the ability to truly embody the concept  that everyone is right by their method, and what they have to offer is imperative for our collective evolution.  Yes, the offering may look really weird at first, but when you step back, the beauty and value is there.  What better way for the source of creation to experience itself most fully?  Each aspect of it, every person, plant, animal, earth and sky expressed.  Doesn’t that give you a different perspective?

From our experiment, life has become ever more full and wondrous.  Maybe for 2024, give it a try.  See everyone through the eyes of perfection.  Value them as priceless no matter how they are appearing or speaking, then watch things shift!    Florence Scovel Shinn wrote that as long as one other person on the planet sees you as perfect and your dreams as fulfilled it's 100 percent assured they will happen.  How's that for making a positive impact on other people's lives?

Rather than looking at non-conformity to social norms as crazy, it’s time to see perfect self expression as necessary for our most robust evolution.

Here’s to a wonderful new year!



Energy or Matter? 

I was intrigued listening to a podcast where the participants were raking the speaker over the proverbial “hot coals” for her view that energy was more effective in creating outcomes than action.  I found it curious, humorous, and scary all at the same time.  Why would people fight so hard for something we know, based on outcomes, doesn’t work. 

Watching this, a corollary philosophy came up which states that people who have known abuse their whole life know nothing else.  They don’t even know a more loving, easier life exists for them, and likely, they wouldn’t believe anyone who told them such a life existed. 

So, here’s the point of today’s blog: How easy are you willing to let it be?  How willing are you let a luscious, opulent, wildly fun,....(add whatever descriptives you want here)?  

Maybe just ask those questions a couple of days in a row and observe what comes up … 

Remember, awareness cures……

7 9 23 Growing “Pains”... 

If I understand the theory correctly, the Ho’oponopono prayer is about clearing any snags that are coming up in life.  What I’ve been told is that there is rejoicing when the difficult stuff comes up because it's ready to release. 

This is the opposite side of the coin from labeling anything other than joyful bliss as a problem. 

In fact, when those growing pains come up in any aspect of life, it’s a reason to rejoice! 

How about that?  We can, through a simple prayer, engage in freeing any perceived discord in our lives, or what we are observing!   

Let those pains up and out!   

Here’s the prayer, along with an additional line from Dr. Joe Vitale…. 

I’m sorry 

Please forgive me 

I Love you 

Thank You 

I forgives me


6 8 23

As we continue our swift evolution, leaning forward rather than taking our cues from the path is imperative.  Take wisdom from what you’ve learned-and-stay open for wonder to experience what has never been so easy before.  In this way, we are creating a world that works for all because we have dropped the need for hard lessons.   

One of my longest standing mentors is Florence Scovel Schinn.  Her book, The Game of Life and How to Play It, has been in my life for at least thirty years.  While Florence frames her strategies through biblical texts, her translation of their  meaning is not heavy.  She works with alacrity distilling the bible’s information for quick, masterful, immediate use. 

While we all may  have a curious mind/being pretty much constantly, applying Florence’s techniques takes all philosophizing and processing out of the equation for living your best life.   This is a great gift because focusing on simple methods as the primary focus leaves “time” for investigating other techniques just for (more) fun.   

Here are some takeaways for the journey:  

She called a person’s wish fulfilled a demonstration (of the divine doing its work).   

“In divine mind there is only completion, therefore my demonstration is complete. 

Today is a day of completion.  I give thanks for this perfect day. Miracle follows miracle and   wonders never cease. I look with wonder at that which is before me. 

I enlarge my expectancies to receive in a larger way. 

I let God juggle this situation.  I trust God in all things.” Florence basically says hand everything over to the divine mind/universe/the energy of creation and go free to live your life.  What could be better?


25-5-23  The Ranks

After the shifts and challenges of the last three years…we as a collective have earned our place in the ranks…the ranks of evolving souls who have faced the great challenges of their day,,, 

We have an additional call: to be the ones who alchemize past pain and short sightedness, whether our own or what we have observed, into gold.  Isn’t that what’s always gotten humanity through?  A very few who hold truth’s mantle in the face of crisis, war, or dis-ease,   

It’s our turn to link arms and elevate the whole darn narrative of who we think we are as individuals and as a collective 

If you.re reading this, you know you are part of those ranks.,..they are already speaking to you…speaking of trust, courage, and valor.  Yep, those words sound a bit archaic.  But, coming through the other side of internalizing them as concepts shines the embodiment of unshakable joy and bliss. 

This is the territory of saints and sages,  Those whose sweet half-smile can be seen in the unlikeliest of places: sitting in the park, sweeping the street, walking their dog, or saying hello.   

Embrace your trust of this re-membering experience as divine.  Stand in courage every minute of every day.  Act with valor.  Bring big love and authenticity to all you do. 

Then watch the heavens open as bliss finds YOU.


23-5-23  Let The Good Times Roll......

When things get intense in the world or in my life, I’m brought again and again back to the theory of dissipative structures for which Ilya Prigogene won a Nobel Prize.  “Dissipative Structures”: is a fancy way for talking about systems under stress… 

The structures could be a society, country, family, or individual.  Heck, for today, let’s say the galaxy.     

Big or small, stressed out systems do one of two things: 

They die. 
They grow so exponentially that they NEVER return to the way they were. 

How cool is that? 

Even better, the longer the system can stay in the intensity, the more it grows.   

While pressure can be looked at as horrible, a place to look at “what’s wrong”, what if it’s really a place of massive opportunity?  Ilya, or one of his buddies, said that the longer a person stays in what he called “perturbation”, that feeling of intensity for no apparent reason, the more their IQ would actually rise.  It’s on the spot evolution…. 

This whole process could be applied anytime you’re learning something new, consciously or not! 

Now you know the secret of letting the good times roll… 

When you feel uneasy/queasy…. Get happy about it ….there’s big growth happening!!!!!!

9-5-23     La Dolce Vita .......

The Sweet life is rolling out.  Can you feel it?  Amidst a multitude of questions about where our culture is going, there is a sweetness in the air…  an essence that piques our senses, the ones beyond our first 5. 

Feel into the space between your mid-breast bone and your diaphragm.  That’s where the good juju is blooming.from.  Put your attention there. Inhale, as if the breath is coming in from the back of your body at a 45 degree upward angle, then out the front of this heart/solar plexus region.  Feel the expansion happening like a huge bouquet of blooming flowers.  If and when other energy seems to be circulating around or through you, focus on this area.  Let it delight, empower, and shield you. 

The power of this expansion is pure and cannot be dissuaded without your permission or lack of attention. 

Old systems are going through an evolutionary new birth which may look horrible on the surface, but go to your expansion space to get the real info…. 

We are on track for the most incredible, artistic, structural, evolutionary upgrade of our lifetimes… 


27/1/23  The Transformers….. 

Yesterday I sat in a group meeting with the intention of creating a collaborative agreement between three people.  There had been discord.  All agreed to meet and iron things out.   

What’s funny is that immediately, a significant role/signature for each emerged.  

 #1-The Moderator attempting to move things forward, keep interpersonal dynamics balanced, and prevent any major emotional upheavals during the meeting.  

 #2-The Submariner who began with an apology and muted tones only to progress to breaking agreements about keeping the past out of the current discussion by reading old texts, proclaiming horrible wrongs, and confabulating past events in a perfected “counselor’s tone”.   

#3-The Filterless wearing her pain on her sleeve howling like a dog who’s paw was caught in a trap without holding back, a perfect counterbalance to #2.   

As the meeting progressed, a downward spiraling loop appeared to form from which participants could not escape.  Imagine water going down a drain.  ALL the water moves in the same pattern.  Period. 

For drains and water, that’s generally a good thing.  It keeps a flow happening.   

Observers might say, “not so” for human interactions.   

But, what if it IS so for environments where the conscious mind may feel unsafe, but deeper structures of heart and mind know better.  What if there actually WAS a level of underlying safety and good intention to allow release of old personas and patterns to release? 

The deepest of the deep old wounds are allowed to come up.  That could be a really profound achievement in terms of cleaning out the Psyche’s garbage.  Woo Hoo! 

Sensitives/empaths/and intuitives feel the dynamics of emotional energy.  And, as discussed in a previous blog, they also have incredible transmuting skills to transform the perspective of a disastrous encounter into a thriving interaction where new strong bonds of love, collaboration,and communication are formed,   

This type of shift certainly takes a level of willingness and skill, but what an amazing opportunity! 

Even if the ability to act as an observer doesn’t pop in until after an intense meeting, with the right players involved, the entire game/interaction can be transformed to delight and fulfillment of each person’s desires. 

This may seem a tall order.  This is so only because such strategies have not typically been  part of relationship training.  However, today is a new day, and if you are reading this, you are at least partially a transformer. 

How does transformation take place with ease and grace?  Sharing this blog is a start.  Here are a few other tips: 

Use the Ho’Oponopono Prayer, the ancient Hawaiian go to for transformation.  You don’t even have to be in the physical presence of the person/people who are/were part of the sitch you are transforming.  Simply hold them in your intention, then say the following:  

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” 

 I’ve had literal miracles happen with this prayer.  Because I have communication with people who are “on the other side” in non-physical form, I’ve also had incredible shifts happen for them.   

Request a do-over.  I absolutely love do-overs.  If you are comfortable, request a do-over of the conversation/interaction.  Do-overs are the best.  Transforming in this way, there is a conscious choice to strengthen connection with integrity.  Pretty cool. 

Combo technique: If you’re not comfortable with a do-over, begin with the Ho’Oponopono.  You never know when perspectives will shift.  Then, move into a do-over.   

You already know, one of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles:   

“Everything is either love, or a cry for love.”   

This makes every situation pretty simple.  No dissecting needed to determine opportunity to generate love is present.  This solves all needs now. 

Using the above perspectives, there is really no one to blame, no perpetrator, no victim…only a play group potentially establishing a new, more enjoyable game from which to thrive.   

Here’s to being a Transformer…….


18 1 23 Sensitives, Empaths, Intuitives (SEIs)/Transmutation/Beyond Duality 

I’ve seen a plethora of books and teachings on “being an empath”, or “being sensitive”.  The premise of these sources is generally something like “those who feel more can get overwhelmed by it, especially because our culture has functioned from insensitivity as a norm.”  While this is true, it’s only a partial truth.  I will lean on a concept delivered by Mandy Morris for another perspective:  SEIs are actually HUGE transmuters of the energy they feel.   

Up until now we’ve only had half of a balanced equation in our collective consciousness about SEIs.   We have acknowledged their experience.   

Now, we can balance this with acknowledging these folks have  incredible transmuting skills to shift the very situations they sense.  How does this work? 

I call it the Aikido of Love.  In the martial art of Aikido, energy directed toward a person is redirected back to its origin by that person  (please note, this is a partial and personal definition, no disrespect to founder Morihei Ueshiba intended).  An SEI who’s experiencing heavy energies coming at them can redirect those energies back to their source.  

What’s the secret sauce for transmutation?  Love.  As energy is directed back to its source, it can be taken on the wings of love.   

Here’s the process:  Send the energy back just as it came in.  No changing it at all other than adding perfect unadulterated love as a delivery vehicle.  The idea behind not changing the energy itself allows getting through any barriers to re-entry.    

Love sneaks in as the delivery agent AND the agent of transmutation as love IS the force of creation.   

Each person is “right by their method”.  This is a mantra I learned from training in Buckminster Fuller’s ideology.    From this perspective, there is no absolute right or wrong.  Every being is doing what they perceive to be right.   This takes us beyond duality thinking.  

Here’s what Rumi has to say on the subject; 

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, 

there is a field. I’ll meet you there. 

When the soul lies down in that grass, 

the world is too full to talk about. 

Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ 

doesn’t make any sense. 

Sending energy back to its source has no judgment attached.” 

With one simple process, we’ve evolved the interpersonal operating system of our relationships, communities, and the planet (that is, if you consider more love a plus).  Now, SEIs can not only function, they can be completely empowered by their gifts.   

Transmuting may be an unfamiliar process, and seem difficult to carry out.  Just apply some practice.  My prediction is that you will be astonished at how your perspectives, and results shift. 

SEIs can also direct POSITIVE energy back to its source, exponentially magnifying the GOOD!  Talk about a gift!  

For a great day, try out some transmutation!


15-1-23   Minding The Gap

There’s often a space,...a gap…between where we seem to be and where we desire to be.   

In the cultures I’ve experienced, there wasn’t a space, or a gap for life transitions which compounds a sense of isolation and being a misfit in this world just when we need support the most. 

While our internals are monitoring a gap, the “outside world” has no patience for it.   

Until now. 

Perhaps because of our collective experience since 2019, people’s foundations have been rocked.  What was stable, logical, and “a sure thing” three years ago is no longer.  We’ve been broken open enough, physically isolated enough, to realize what’s truly stable is leaning on our tribe, leaning on others we trust to really see and hear us.  That’s a beautiful thing. 

Suddenly, a space has been made in our cultures for the gap, the unknown next steps all across our globe.   

Our insides and the collective are finally aligned.   

Rather than “the blind leading the blind”, creator energy is making itself known everywhere.  Far from disconcerting, we are being given the opportunity to create in ways that resonate delightfully with our true selves.  

 It’s just incredibly unfamiliar for most humans to know they have this power within themselves expressed through our magical physical form.  We are also unfamiliar with leaning on each other not just to release our traumas and sorrows, though that’s important. We get to lean on each other to “mind the gap”.  That’s HUGE! 

The signature energy/emotions/feelings of my gap are never going to be the exact same thumbprint as yours, or anyone else’s for that matter.  When you engage with your tribe of friends, and family we trust, they can mind your gap because what limits and scares you will not be what limits someone else.   

That trusted friend can love you up, tell you “you got this” with integrity, and they for you.  This is the meaning of “where two or more are gathered” and why it’s so powerful.  

Now add the secret sauce of the very force of creation/creator/the divine with two or more together…. 

This is where hearts open, and love’s creative force radiates out of a community of two or more until all gaps are filled with new perceptions.   

Framed from the realm of quantum physics, everything we want and more already exists. It is our perception that shifts to see what’s already there. Isn;t that incredible? 

We don;t have to force anything to change, we just help each other mind our gaps, and the reality we desire comes into focus.    

Here’s to seeing with new eyes, and hearing with new ears, together.

6-1-23    Clarity

Have you ever been told you aren’t being clear enough to receive your heart’s desires?  Have you ever been told things like, “The universe is confused.  You can;t have multiple options for what you want.  Pick ONE.”    

I’ve finally gotten to the point of calling BS on that.  My silent reply at this point is, “excuse me, how could the universe EVER be confused?” 

How could the same universal love energy that created me not know me more intimately than I consciously know myself?   

The seemingly ubiquitous idea that we must be something more, something better, or communicate differently to receive our heart’s desires is utter nonsense.   This is ideology coming from a head space out of coherence with the heart. 

If you don’t believe me, try this:  When emptiness or confusion sets in, feel into your heart.  Does the heart feel calm, happy, and expansive?  Now, feel into your head.  What’s going on there?  If it’s calm-great.  If it’s not, you know you're not in coherence.   Head and heart are not working together. 

When receiving is not clearly happening for me, my heart is generally happy.  I see the heart as riding in a car with the windows down, joyfully bouncing along, with a big smile.  The heart feels really expanded, curious, and anticipating what’s coming next with delightful assurance. All is already taken care of…and more. 

When I feel into my head, that’s where swarms of a thousand limiting thoughts show up.  Picture a bumper car ride going wrong.  Cars speeding around each other, often colliding, full of stress with no way of getting away from the crowd.   

There actually is a way to get “out of your head”, out of swarming masses of thoughts.  Take ALL thoughts from head to heart.  Let the head be a casual observer WITHOUT PROCESSING ANY MORE THOUGHTS.   

Sense into what the heart does with them.    

Here’s how incredibly powerful and consistent the heart is: Every single time, the heart will take all questions with ease. They are NOT EVEN QUESTIONS for the heart.  “Heart” is already excited about what’s next on life’s adventure trail.   

Heart radiates waves of appreciation for desires already fulfilled, and is just watching to see how they show up.  Those waves of appreciation actually draw what was desired back to the heart, the rest of you included. 

What a fabulous way of living, and great way of making 2023 your best year ever. 

Heart knows the universe is NEVER confused.  

2-12-22   The Gift that Keeps on Giving... 

It’s happening…well, here in the US anyway…the time of year when good cheer and possibility ring out from every nook and cranny.  Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be anyway.    

On the other hand, stress and loneliness rear their heads too.    

Certainly, there are folks who are in need of compassion, those who have no family or stability. While we can work boots on the ground for them, and through our intentions, we can also choose to live our best life.  

Why is living our best life important to anyone but ourselves?  

When one of us chooses to live from cheer and possibility, even when our own stress and loneliness surfaces, the collective energy is lifted.   Each person who anchors in joy acts as a transmitter of high frequency energy.    

Visualize ripples in water after a stone drops into it.  Now you’ve got the picture of how high frequency energy radiates outward.  

Energy from one “transmitter” person overlaps another’s high vibe waves, and suddenly a network of powerful energy affects everything around it.  

While invisible to the eye, these energy fields operate in our physical world shifting us toward empowering emotions.    

What emotions carry the highest frequency?  Joy, and peace actually vibrate above love.    

So, when you keep yourself at emotional levels of love, joy, and peace, you are causing more love, peace. and joy to radiate throughout our globe.    

Even those who are down in the dumps aren’t immune from the love/joy/peace energetic network.  In effect, they don’t have to do anything to receive the network’s benefits.  How great is that?  

What happens when transmitters are faced with lower level emotions?    

Some scientists say they last a mere 90 seconds.  After that, it’s merely habit stoking low level emotion.    

In addition, one beautiful perspective states that in emotionally aware folks, low level emotions come up to be released.  They are set free, transmuting out of the body, joining up with high level energy fields already set up to catch them.    

Here’s the message in a nutshell: NEVER underestimate the power of your own self growth.  Serving yourself, you serve everyone else.  Doing this for yourself IS the gift that keeps on giving.


MIRTH /mərTH/.  noun. definition: amusement, especially as expressed in laughter.  

Life can appear to be a paradox.  Humans have experiences that affect them deeply while knowing they’re more than a physical form. What if we master the paradox?  What if we look from a “both and” perspective?    

Something like, “I’m all in on this life thing.  I let myself immerse in the embodiment of every experience, and I see life as a grand play.  Part of me remains an observer who knows nothing is really that serious.”  

The "observer" can remain in mirth.  

Every great spiritual teaching I’m aware of speaks to this concept.  We are at choice when it comes to what anything means, which can get a little freaky especially when most of us have been trained in the opposite belief.   Imagine immersing, then pulling back to a cosmos high view of "what just happened".  In the ”both and”, we can respect an event, then wrap it in a perspective big as the universe. Maybe even universes.    

This is mastery.  Compassion then expansion. Grief then triumph.  Our observer self returns to a baseline of endearing mirth. Always.  Imagine how differently a horrible diagnosis would be processed, or a failed relationship.    

Movies, and series drama shows are based in the hard knocks story, tragedy, and how devious people can be.  Books too.  Due to corporatization and legal concerns, big medicine and business have a CYA (cover your…..) mentality.  Conclusions represented as truth are oft more a consequence of CYA than any scientific knowledge.  Life starts to look pretty tough unless the observer self is alert and present with a dose of mirth.  

Byron Katie’s famous 4 questions are a fabulous way of removing detritus (another great word!):  

Is it true?  
Can you absolutely know that it’s true?  
How do you react when you believe that thought?  
Who would you be without the thought?  

Asking these simple questions peels away inauthenticity.  Our authentic self, lit with mirth, can then direct the trajectory of what we choose to create, within and outside ourselves.    

Physics itself speaks to matter never being gained or lost, as well as to concepts that our mere observations change physical reality.       

My own observer self spoke through intuition when I pondered life as a paradox before writing this blog.  Intuition said, “Go for Big Hearted Bad A__ (not sure why that three letter word had appeared twice today) Success. Live Large.  Laugh at odd twists and turns.  They don’t present to harm.  They present for intrigue, and clarifying how our earthly journey really works.”  

So, today, re-member you are a masterpiece who’s all in and takes action from the observer’s mirth filled mastery.  YOU are a treasure, you BHBA! 


1-11-22   Lifegasm

LIFEGASM. definition: a felt sense of being overcome with pleasure from head to toe, experiencing the beauty of life and earth through our physical form.  

Have you ever had a lifegasm?  You see, our earth is a playground of gorgeousness.  Think about it.  Plants, animals, sun, sea, sky, mountains, cosmos...man made triumphs. If we really take a moment, we are surrounded by beauty...constantly.   

As you take that moment, breathe deeply.   Sense what is speaking to you energetically, showing up just for you.  That's right..that plant, that critter is there as a reminder of how seen you are, how important you are.  

Rather than viewing a pest, a weed, or a nuisance, see creation sending you an ally that's somehow part of enhancing your journey.  If yo don't know why it showed up-ask, "how are you attempting to help me".   

If there's no answer, take a minute and look up what that something represents as a totem.  Yes, this can initially seem a bit strange, yet the old adage has never been more true: everything speaks.  It speaks for our benefit, our evolution.  

Previous cultures relied on the natural world's wisdom.  At this point, current culture has created a plethora of supportive external technology.  

The good news?  We can choose from BOTH for our pleasure filled advancement.  That's right.  MORE choices, more pleasure..until it finally takes over any pain, limitation, or sense of separation. 

Lay down on the ground, your bed, or floor.  Feel yourself being held.  Go back to that breath.  

Detect creation's force flowing through you. Let your body speak it's pleasure in the form of you feeling said pleasure...from your toes, up through your abdomen, heart, neck, face, to the top of your head.  

What would it be like to practice this every day until there's so much pleasure coming through you, you can't hardly hold back voicing it.  

Yep, if you're at a park/a public place, it may be a little embarrassing-but what could be better than other people wondering what could be so good...and commenting inside themselves "I'll have some of that!". 

Lifegasms.  Get some. 


26-10-22  Love Taps from the Universe

Love Taps from the Universe...Slow Your Roll.... 

Commentaries in my circle of friends this week have focused around intensity.  Intensity of energies for those who perceive them, intensity of decisions, and intensity of situations.  Fender benders, speeding tickets, and arguments were among the "sitches" mentioned.  

I was shown through intuition the fast pace of our earthly evolution as a collective.  Whether we know it or not, many of us are running to keep pace with this evolution rather than rest on our earth's own momentum.  We are being called to truly relax and let her do the work.  She has chosen for us humans to be here, and we have chosen her....let her fulfill her calling; that of providing for us as a microcosm of creation's macrocosm while we, through our gratitude and enjoyment of this life, honor her. 

Those little accidents?  They are love taps from the universe, and our mother earth saying, "slow your roll, get present.  Appreciate this now moment.  Let these little "happy accidents" remind you to slow your roll." 

Take a few deep breathes and gauge whether you are present, or spaced out in ruminating thoughts.  Take a look around, and find something beautiful to anchor you (as Dr. Joe Dispenza says) in this generous present moment.  It could be a simple leaf, or the glint of light on a cup.  Simple, yet extraordinary. There now, that's the ticket.  

When we presence, the beauty of our existence, its genius supports us.  There's plenty of time when our moments are given their due, their fullness.  In this way, we expand time rather than compress it with worry.  

It's time to experience La Dolce Vita,the sweet life, as we evolve....



22-10-22     Today.  Today is the day to open our hearts and realize the beauty of the time we signed up for.  

Old systems are crumbling with the new bursting from within them.  But how do we let go of everything familiar enough to let them burst? 

Peeling back layers until we free our divine hearts is the task at hand after years, maybe decades of attempting to keep old ways working.  You know: rah rah goals, get the most "bang for your buck”, no carbs, sit at home and watch TV…whatever your familiar normal, my guess is it’s no longer working…and hasn’t for a while. 

Whatever our conscious intention, our souls are here on a mission to evolve.  While we can get stuck in mind/body patterning, our souls are pulling us into realms we cannot understand.  Your soul already knows we are here for adventure, testing out all sorts of experiences the logical mind might deem a “disaster”...  Yet, we are multidimensional beings.  

We are testing our “wings” on consciously living in multiple realms at once.  Yep, it can get weird when we have rigging in our ears, headaches, or a stifling sense that nothing works anymore…that’s why we’re here together and coming into an age of interdependence.  For each of us to spread our wings and fly, we must rely on each other’s gifts to re-member segments of our lost genius level skills.  

Our internal technology is what will save us, not what we create from the outside in.  If you feel like you’ve forgotten, you are not alone.  Waking ourselves is another reason we are here in this grand earth experiment, the planet’s magical beauty once again in view as well as our own.  

Embrace your weird!  Embrace every outlying intuition as a sign you are on the right track.  Most of all, lean on love.  Divine love, the love that creates all things.  

Let that love in.  Let it hold you until your body relaxes into knowing this is where you came from, a lifeline you’ve always been connected to no matter how intense the distraction.   

Let it fill you until your heart bursts from fullness, radiating its own message of evolution:  

Trusting love generated from our heart space is where all answers reside to create YOUR personal version of heaven on earth.