Personal Quantum Intuitive Session 

Marjorie's intuitive abilities take “spot on” information to another level.  You will find yourself in awe of how details she speaks are just what you need to hear.  The session starts with a free flow of information through Dr. Marjorie.  NO information is needed from you.  In fact, she prefers to have no knowledge of you or your questions initially.  This allows the information to flow with purity.  Once her information download is completed, you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you desire.  

Please email to schedule your Quantum Intuitive Session.  This is typically a one hour session via the phone. 

Personal Quantum Intuitive Session (QIS) and Energetic Clearing

"The future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies"....Alber Einstein

Many times, people have more questions come up after a Quantum Intuitive Session. By setting up both a Quantum Intuitive Session and the Energetic Clearing, you are allowing for the information delivered during your first session to percolate while knowing there will be an additional opportunity to ask more questions once the information brought to light in your first session has time to percolate.  Lots of insights come through 24-72 hours after the QIS/first call which generates deeper questioning.  Not only will you get more questions answered, you will be supported with techniques that clear your mind/body/spirit.

 Dr. Marjorie is trained in energy clearing techniques including traditional techniques like Pranic Healing to more modern methods for enhancing your overall wellbeing. 

Schedule two 1 hour phone sessions about a week apart. 

Please contact to request times for both the QIS and Energetic Clearing. 

Quantum Intuitive Business Consulting

The business world is changing quickly and requiring more right brain/heart coherence skills than ever before.  It’s a known fact that geniuses do not employ logic to achieve breakthroughs. They get really good at using intuition which provides quantum leap solutions leaving linear logic in the dust. 

When you consult with Dr. Marjorie for business, not only will you get crystal clear on physical next steps, you will come to rely on her intuitive genius while developing your own.    

You will develop an unshakable confidence in your “gut”.  Your gut, heart, and brain will get really good at working as a team for unmatched results. 

Please contact to request a complimentary consultation to create a personalized business consulting strategy. 

Quantum Life Fulfillment Consulting 

For those who want the quickest, most powerful results in their lives, creating a series of sessions with Dr. Marjorie sets up the best structure for consistent results and progress.  Dr. Marjorie is great at listening for a client’s desires, and the pace at which they will receive the most benefit. 

If you want to live the next 30 days to 6 months full out, give yourself the gift of Quantum Life Fulfillment Consulting. 

Please contact to request a complimentary consultation/strategy session. 

Quantum Intuitive Move Preparation and Home Purchasing

Whether you are making a move down the block or across the globe, being supported during your home transition reaps huge benefits in terms of  being settled, peaceful, and enlivened from beginning to end.  Let Dr. Marjorie pick up in your deepest needs, and reflect them back to you during this exquisitely important process. 

Please contact to request a complimentary consultation for orchestrating your best move ever!

Quantum Intuitive Home Decor

Dr. Marjorie has been a "go to" person for her community when help is needed to create a welcoming, enlivening living space.  From simple re-organizing of treasured spaces to collaborating with custom artisans for the highest level of customization, Dr. Marjorie revels in seeing her client family thrive in their living space.

Please contact to request a complimentary consultation for enhancing your space.