What's Inside Seekers and Evolutionaries......

What would happen if Moses, Athena, Leonardo da Vinci and Quan Yin got together in the afterlife to discuss the world as it exists today? That is what you will discover in this fascinating novel that takes a look at each of their lives and those who helped shape them, as well as following some of their favorite people in today's world. Quan Yin is a fan of Alberta, whose life is characterized by a series of missteps with men and addictions but who is finally reunited with Dan, a best friend from her school years, who helps rescue her from an accident and reminds her of what's important in life. It turns out that Leonardo da Vinci has been observing Dan as he grows up influenced by Uncle Ike; Dan now uses those lessons learned with others. Athena monitors Mabel, who raised twelve children on limited resources with Ernie, who is coincidentally being scrutinized by Moses. Their influence extends beyond their children to their friends and grandchildren. "My friend, Moses, is concerned that the human race is falling victim to beliefs that people are flawed and undeserving of a beautiful life.... Along with Leo and Athena, Moses and I have been observing your family and the couple you met in the park today." As you will discover, Moses had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Recognize Magnificent Men

Did you think that wonderful men were only a fantasy? 
If you need proof that very real examples are all around us, you must read Magnificent Men: Recognize Them and Change Your Life. In choosing this book, you will be inspired to… 
• Re-ignite your appreciation for the masculine gender. 
• Learn to see the magnificent men who are already a part of your life with new eyes. 
• Be more open to connecting with people you encounter. 
• Live each moment to the fullest, taking advantage of surprise inspirations. 
Magnificent men began to pop up in the most routine circumstances. Their appearance felt scripted by an invisible movie director bent on making me see past limits of what I thought was possible or real. Strangers just performing simple jobs lent such compassion in service it should have been labeled a ministry. Any kindness they shared had a completely shocking effect. Their gracious actions woke up my snoring true believer. If this was what cockeyed optimists experienced, then bring on the rose-colored glasses. These men lived big, beyond any set of “tough guy” rules, without fear of appearing silly.