About Dr. Marjorie....

Dr. Marjorie is a mother, former Dentist, author, intuitive, and artist.  She's been immersed in  the worlds of science and spirituality for over 35 years.   

Her joyful work has included decades of experience accurately assessing, predicting, and facilitating change for people and their businesses (add a few romances too). She revels in collaborating with those who are primed for their next steps, or leaps and bounds, to create a life beyond their dreams, and dissolve perceived blocks in their progress. 

From an early age, Dr. Marjorie could sense how energetic patterns, both seen and unseen, affect people and places. What she used to think of as weird abilities (including clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience) are encompassed within current physics theory today. Physics and Math were her focus in undergraduate studies.  She has lived the science of energy work, and applies this wisdom in her work with clients.  Connecting with spiritual masters, success gurus, scientific/math geniuses, and those "on the other side" have been consistent experiences from childhood on.  

She left an accomplished dental practice, then took a deep dive into quantum biology/physics, spiritual practices, energy therapies (a natural at healing touch and pranic healing for example), personal growth teachings, yoga teacher training, functional/transmutative meditation practices ( think Dr. Joe Dispenza), and being a conduit (forgotten) genius.  

Dr. Marjorie tested her intuitive guidance by letting it connect her with masters of varied traditions the world over, immersing in their wisdom, and utilizing her learning to transform challenging situations in today's culture.

She is described by others as an irreverent renaissance woman whose attentive presence immediately makes them feel appreciated and comfortable living life without limits. 

It is her mission to see her clients' visions fulfilled with love, joy, grace, humor, and empowerment.