Praise for Dr. Marjorie....


" Marjorie's readings are like pure visual poetry. Images flow forth from different dimensions and various points in time and space, and are woven into a beautiful tapestry that feels like a precious gift bestowed upon you from ancestors, guardians, expressions of your expanded self and angels, sensed yet unseen. Store these images safely away and return to them time and time again for comfort, reassurance, grounding, inspiration and guidance. Every moment spent with Marjorie is a blessing."

                                                                                                                                                   -C. P.


Marjorie brings a wealth of real life and spiritual knowledge to assist her clients in their own unique intuitive space.  Marjorie's expertise in the shamanic realm was exactly what I needed to elevate my understanding of my Guide's intuitive messages.  She expertly pulls from her spiritual tool box to meet the client where they are. 

                                                                                                   -Beth C., Attorney and Galactic Alchemist


Having my reading with Marjorie was very an amazing experience. She has a beautiful and powerful gift to connect with the divine.  
It was clear she received understanding of who I am and what my mission is. She showed me such a beautiful vision that felt so true to my heart and also opened up my vision to what life can become as we follow our hearts and our hopes into the great unknown.  
I am so grateful for Marjorie’s gift and her experience honing that gift to help others connect with their true path. 

                                                                                      -Jill E., Somatic Coach. Breathwork and Dance Instructor.


Marjorie is such a gift! Her reading was clarifying and inspiring and she followed up with tips and tools to keep the energy flowing.  She is very much connected to a higher presence and it felt so good to connect to my higher guides with her. 

                                                                                     -Jessica S.


Big Shout out to Marjorie's amazing and Beautiful Soul filled with Magical Intuitive Insight !!  Loved my Session with her.  It was so inspiring and Supportive on my healing and Teaching journey.Really enjoyed her Energy, Humor and gifted Open heart .. I felt Safe and Comfortable with her.Treat Yourself to some personal insight that can Empower and up lift you. Thank you Marjorie for your Gifts that you share !!!   Sending you Love and Light 

                                                                                                              -Suzanna R., Yogi. Lover of Life and Spirit.


Marjorie is the best!!                                                                          -Kaylin R., Entrepreneur and Visionary


Marjorie has a gift of knowing that is divinely guided from her heart to yours. You will be amazed with the connections. Call her for a reading and make sure your heart is open!  

                                                                                                  -Margaret A., Master Educator and Wisdom Keeper



Praise for Infninite Empowerment Courses/Life and Business Consulting...

As a serial entrepreneur, I became confident that I am not broken, no need to be fixed.  My sensitive super powers are a gift.  Now, I actively help others who are questioning themselves to become empowered and treasure their uniqueness as a gift.  

                                                                                                    -Julie V., Engineer. Serial Entrepreneur.

Dr. Marjorie was incredibly helpful and will be helpful for anyone who wants to grow, learn, and live at peak potential.  I highly recommend her courses and consulting for anyone who wants to grow and prosper.   

                                                                                                     -Tessa Greenspan, Author. Entrepreneur. Mentor.

Completing Infinite Empowerment gave me the confidence and skills to be authentic in ALL aspects of my life...particularly when integrating my shamanic training into the corporate world…..                                                                                                                                                - Kim N., High Performance Sales Leader,                                                                                                                      Coach, and Mentor

Completing Infinite Empowerment I experienced actionable energy shifts from the activations presented in the course.  Though I have many practices already, these activations created palpable change for me.                                                                                                               -Sujata R.,