Quantum Intuitive Life/Business Consulting.....

Marjorie's intuitive abilities take the consulting, personal and business, format to another level.  You will find yourself re-membering your unique genius, appreciating yourself in ways that may have previously seemed impossible.  Gift yourself with living full out from confidence, brilliance, and mirth.

The length and pace of these empowering interactions are determined during an initial consultation.

Clients experience actionable insights in a snap through alchemizing multiple disciplines familiar to Dr. Marjorie. If you are ready for swift, easy transformational success with elegance, you are joyfully invited to set up an initial complimentary consultation now.  

Request to schedule YOUR complimentary consultation at:  Info@DrMarjorie.org

Quantum clearings/ Intuitive insight sessions......

Dr. Marjorie has extensively studied within the worlds of medicine, science, spirituality, and energetic clearing.   She draws from all of these studies, along with her gift of exquisitely accurate intuition, in delivering insights that catalyze clients' growth, success, and happiness. 

No one is more surprised than Dr. Marjorie herself with the accuracy of details, insights, and transformation that come through for her client family during sessions. 

Sometimes, we need another to help us re-member what we already know.  Let Dr. Marjorie do what she does best by illuminating your not so obvious puzzle pieces so you can place them in just the right position.

These sessions are held over the phone.  No preparation is needed other than planning for about an hour of time together.

Please contact our Team at Info@DrMarjorie.org to schedule.   Please note: Dr. Marjorie's schedule is often booked well in advance.  If you have an immediate need for support, please add this information to your scheduling request.