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You already have all the information you need for living your best life within-and-sometimes there are perceived blind spots which prevent accessing your own brilliance.  Dr. Marjorie sheds light on those "blind" spots so you can claim a life beyond your current dreams.  

NOW is YOUR time. Fulfilled people trust creation's magic. Using scientific knowledge and intuitive skills, Dr. Marjorie assists you in doing just that.  

YOU are important. YOU are invited.  YOU are making your life, the lives of those around you, and the world a better place by taking action today. 


Dr. Marjorie uses information from what science calls the '"quantum field", the loving field of all possibility and creation, then delivers it to her clients during a phone session.  She delights in giving more happy facts than you could ever imagine through her one one one phone sessions.

-Personal Quantum Intuitive Session (QIS): Get your questions answered, and guidance for your next right steps along with pure positive information for your best life now. Set aside 1 hour over the phone for this service. 

-Personal Quantum Intuitive Session (QIS) and Energetic Clearing: Scheduling a QIS and an Energetic Clearing approximately a week later gives you the information you need for transforming, AND an energetic cleanup once you've had time to integrate.  Schedule 2 one hour phone sessions approximately one week apart for this service.

-Quantum Intuitive Business Consulting: This is a personalized service for those who realize the business world is evolving quickly, as is the mix of skills necessary to navigate this evolution successfully.   Duration and frequency of services are determined through a one-on-one  complimentary consultation. 

-Quantum Life Fulfillment Consulting: This is a service for those who want to anchor their best life trajectory as quickly as possible.  A personalized structure for service is determined via a one-on-one complimentary consultation with Dr. Marjorie.

-Quantum Intuitive Move Preparation and Home Purchasing: Where we live is one of our biggest life decisions.  Most people have no specific support for discerning what will make their next living space the right one for inspiring them everyday.  Get positively prepared and anticipate a fantastic outcome for your new home.  This is a one-on-one service determined through a complimentary consultation with Dr. Marjorie.

-Quantum Intuitive Home Decor:  Does the interior of your home inspire you?  Does it lift your spirits just being there?  Dr. Marjorie has an incredible knack for making a house a beautiful home that resonates with every part of you no matter what the size or location of your dwelling place. This is a one-on-one service determined through a complimentary consultation with Dr. Marjorie.


(Please go to our services tab for more detailed information or email info@DrMarjorie.org to request a session/consultation time).