Welcome….Are you ready to experience a delightful look into your highest intelligence?

Whatever your questions, through both laser focused intuition and a lightning round of strategic stewarding paired in the same session, Dr. Marjorie will assist you in getting the answers and results you desire. While intuition renders completely accurate information, Dr. Marjorie wanted to offer a more robust outcome for her clients.  She distilled down a technique that delivers immediate results.  Both your creative and logical “brains” are satisfied with this combination of skills.

Dr. Marjorie begins sessions by delivering clear information for you from the quantum field/divine intelligence.  All information is positive. Next, your highest priority life questions are answered through a specific method of helping you realize the answers are already there. Give yourself the gift of a session today by contacting Happiness@fastmail.com. To see what people are saying about their experience, go to the “proof” tab. 

For big life changes, or business project consulting, immersive processes are available by special arrangement.