Each person already has all the information needed for living their best life within-and-sometimes we aren't so good at receiving the gifts that are right in front of us.  Dr. Marjorie sheds light on what's really there for you so you can feel really good about your today, and all your tomorrows.

NOW is YOUR time. Fulfilled people trust creation's magic. Using scientific knowledge and intuitive skills, Dr. Marjorie assists you in doing just that.  

YOU are important. YOU are invited.  YOU are making your life, the lives of those around you, better just by saying yes! 

How does she work? Through a one on one phone conversation, Dr. Marjorie gets information directly from divine intuition, the "divine mind" as some have called it.  From this genesis, there is no duality, only love and goodness. She delivers whatever information comes through for you, and then you are free to ask any questions you may have regarding life, love, health, relationship, prosperity, and perfect self expression.